Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seminars in Brief

Internship Seminars

Seminar One: September 3

Discussion of Internship expectations
Questions and Concerns
Summary of Future Seminar Subjects and Assignments
Supplementary Materials

Seminar Two: September 24

Discussion and updates regarding internship experiences

Lecture: Creative Writing Pedagogy


*Write a sample syllabus for an Intro to Fiction/Poetry/CN
*Select a text to teach, and justify your selection
*Write a Teaching Philosophy
*Conduct a ten-minute lesson

Materials: Samples of Syllabi and Teaching Philosophies

Seminar Three: October 22

Discussion and updates regarding internship experiences

Lecture: Building Literary Community Online and On the Ground


*Create a Literary Blog with several sample posts to define it
*Create a proposal for a literary nonprofit or business venture
*Present either your literary blog or literary venture proposal to the class.

Materials: Links to various literary blogs and literary nonprofit/business ventures
Articles on Social Media and the Modern Writer

Seminar Four: November 19

Summing up of internship experiences

Lecture: The Business of Writing (agents, editors, the publishing industry)


*Research agents, choose one and write a query letter for a writing project, explain your search process, how you determined who to contact, and how to approach them.
*Write an anthology proposal and present your proposal to class

Sample query and submission letters, articles on editing, anthology proposal